Alpha Gamma Delta



Welcome to myAlphaGam!

What is myAlphaGam?
myAlphaGam is a member's only portal where you can have instant access to:
  • Find sisters near you
  • Access handbooks and forms
  • Download helpful resources for recruitment, the Alpha, Gamma and Delta Experience and the new brand. 
  • Register for Fraternity events
  • Receive Fraternity notifications
  • Update your information

You can even import your own RSS feeds, link to your Facebook account, participate in polls and catch up on the latest Fraternity news! (Note: This section replaces the previous Member Services section of the Fraternity website.)

To login
If you have ever been a user of the OmegaFi interfaces (Compass database, Chapter DeskTop, Member Access Plus), you do not need to register. You will use the username and password that you had used previously to login to the OmegaFi interface. Simply click on the "Please sign in to myAlphaGam" button above. If you do not remember your login information, click "Forgot username/password?"

Please note: Your username and password from the previous Member Services will not allow you to access myAlphaGam. You will need to create a new username and password, following the instructions below.

To create a username and password:

  1. Click on the "Please sign in to myAlphaGam" button above.
  2. Click "Establish access."
  3. If you are an alumna, please select "Alumnae Enrollment." If you are a Canadian collegians, please select "Undergraduate Enrollment." (NOTE FOR CANADIAN COLLEGIANS: You will need to call IHQ for your Member Account Number. This is not asking for your Member ID number.)
  4. You will be asked a series of questions that will be authenticated against the Fraternity's database. You will also have the opportunity to choose your own username and password. Select something that you will easily remember.
  5. If you have any problems with registration and your information does not match, please contact International Headquarters at 317.663.4200.
How to Search for Sisters Near You:
  1. Login to myAlphaGam, following the instructions on this page.
  2. After logging in, you may immediately be taken to the Advanced Sister Search. If not, click on "Advanced Sister Search" from your myAlphaGam dashboard.
  3. Enter your ZIP code or city.
  4. Sisters living near you will be displayed below the search fields.
Where do I find handbooks, manuals and forms?
You can find all handbooks, manuals and forms in the Resource Center on myAlphaGam. This is your one stop shop for all operational Fraternity documents!

What's the difference between the Idea Center on myAlphaGam and the Idea Bank on the public website?
In the Idea Center on myAlphaGam, you can find recruitment resources, brand templates, Alpha Gamma Delta Experience materials and Alpha Gam songs provided by International Headquarters. The Idea Bank is a place for all members to share their ideas for recruitment themes, alumnae events, fundraising, community service, sisterhood events and more! Log in and click "Add Your Idea" to get started. Or use the search function to see what other sisters have submitted!