Alpha Gamma Delta


Catherine Matthews Lives with Purpose

Catherine-Matthews.gifTo Live with Purpose means living a life that matters—to me, to others, and to the larger community. The Purpose serves as a compass for me; it helps me orient myself when I'm feeling particularly challenged or "lost."

The principles in the Purpose are universal, so I can look to them in all kinds of situations, both personal and professional. As a lawyer—even one who doesn't practice actively— I believe that I have a duty to provide pro bono service to people who need legal help, so I volunteer with the pro bono agency in town to help community members with their legal issues.

The Purpose helps me focus on what I believe is right, honorable and kind. I strive to find ways to make what I do matter to others, and I hope that I lead the kind of life that quietly inspires others to live lives that matter, too.

The Purpose serves as a reminder of the connections I have with sisters I know and have loved for more than half of my life and those sisters I'll never even meet. With me wherever I go and whatever I do, the Purpose makes me a better person and citizen. Every time I've moved to a new town in the U.S., I've had the luck to find Alpha Gams who embraced me. Even when I lived in South Korea and knew no one, I still had the Purpose to guide me. When I find myself alone, I can sit quietly and hear the words in my head. They're comforting and reassuring and true. I know I'm connected to something larger than I am.

-Catherine Matthews, Theta Eta-University of Tennessee at Martin
Education Committee Member
Assistant Dean of Students at Indiana University Maurer School of Law