Alpha Gamma Delta


What to Pack

Wondering what to pack for Convention? Let's get your list started!

  • Clothing - For daytime wear and the Opening Session, we'll wear business casual clothing or something slightly dressier, like slacks/dress pants or skirts with a nice blouse or sweater, a dress or a suit. (No denim, please.) You can check out our Pinterest board for some inspiration!
    • If you will be joining us for the baseball game on Friday night, you'll want to pack a pair of nice shorts and an Alpha Gam T-shirt that you'll stay cool in. The average high temperature in Indianapolis in July is in the high 80s, and often the humidity makes it feel even hotter. (But remember, we are representing ourselves and Alpha Gam, so we want to look our best.)
    • For Saturday night's Feast of Roses Banquet, you will want to pack a more formal dress or "after-five" attire, of any color.  

  • Initiation dress - Please bring your white or off-white formal Initiation dress. If you are an alumna, you may wear something more pastel-colored. It is preferred that your dress be floor-length; however, below the knee or longer is required. If your dress is sleeveless, bring your white shrug, jacket or shawl to cover your shoulders. Shoes can be open or closed-toed, heels or flats and need to be white or a complementary color to your dress.

  • Light sweater or cardigan - The meeting rooms are often a little chilly, and you'll be glad you packed something to keep your arms warm! 

  • Badge and any other of your favorite jewelry pieces. 

  • Spending money for the Alpha Gam Boutique. 

  • And on that note, maybe an extra bag to get all your new gear home! 

  • Your photo ID, plane ticket and a little bit of cash, for those things you can't use your debit/credit card for, like tipping at the airport.

A few other suggestions...
  • Pack your nicer clothing on hangers. You are most likely sharing a room with another sister (or sisters!) and the room's hangers will be in limited supply. 
  • Bring a power strip. Those also seem to be in short supply in a hotel room, and between cell phone chargers, hair straighteners, blow dryers and computer cords, you could run out of outlets quickly. (Especially in the morning!)