Alpha Gamma Delta


Chapter Grand Notification

When a member of Alpha Gamma Delta passes away, the Fraternity honors them by entering them into Chapter Grand. Women who enter Chapter Grand are then listed in the Quarterly and biannually at International Convention to notify all sisters who may have known them. 

Alpha Gamma Delta will only publish a member of Chapter Grand in the Quarterly if they have an obituary and have passed away within 18 months of International Headquarters receiving the notification. Members of Chapter Grand will then only be listed at International Convention if their name was published in the Quarterly. We use this policy in order to not incorrectly publish someone in official Fraternity documents and in attempt to spare someone's feelings by not reminding them of a woman's entering Chapter Grand years after her passing. We encourage members to notify IHQ of a sister's passing as soon as they know of it. 

Please fill out the information below to notify IHQ of a sister entering Chapter Grand. Allow two weeks (14 days) from the date of submission for this notification to be updated in the Fraternity's database and two issues of the Quarterly for her name to be included. (Due to design and printing timelines, even if we have the notification before the next issue is distributed, we may have already turned in the list to the design team.)

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You can find the Badge Disposition Form here.

*Reminder: Her name will only appear in the Quarterly and the Convention report if IHQ can verify her death with an obituary or other official documentation. Feel free to mail a paper copy to IHQ, if you prefer. If you do not have an obituary, please still submit this notification. IHQ has a membership for an obituary database and will search for the obituary there.