Alpha Gamma Delta


Your Actions

pat r.gifRemember your parents telling you, "Actions speak louder than words?" Isn't it amazing how true that really is? At the Foundation, we get to see that saying come to life every day. The simple and selfless act of giving has a power that goes beyond just the financial aspect. It says to the recipient, "I care about you and believe in you." I am lucky enough to get to see sisters who receive a Foundation scholarship go on to do great things in the world -- empowered by the support and love of the women of Alpha Gamma Delta. I meet children who attend diabetes camp because of a Foundation grant and am able to witness them experience the joy of being just "one of the gang." There are sisters struggling to re-enter the workplace who would be financially unable to take a class to update their skills without a Continuing Education Grant from the Foundation. The stories go on and on and suddenly the simple words "making a donation to the Foundation" take on a whole new meaning. The action of doing so speaks so loudly it is impossible to ignore.

October is FOUNDATION MONTH and we want to loudly thank all Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation supporters. The act of giving has enabled the Foundation to be there for our sisters and communities for over 50 years. Contributing to the world's work is only one line of the Purpose, but one that does speak loudly for the whole world to hear. And, when we give, we receive so much more.

I want to be sure you see all the things we accomplished together in 2013-14. It's pretty amazing! Check out our Year In Review.

We'd love for you to join us in celebrating FOUNDATION MONTH! You can do so by sharing at least one fact from the Year In Review with a sister, friend, spouse, coworker -- be proud of your membership in Alpha Gamma Delta! And, if you or your chapter/club donated to the Foundation last year, be sure to share how YOU helped make all of this happen! The creation of the Disaster Relief Fund program is a wonderful accomplishment to highlight. The program helped 121 sisters meet their immediate needs of food, housing, toiletries, clothing, transportation, school supplies, etc. following two chapter house fires. Over $60,000 provided to these sisters is a wonderful example of true sisterhood and of what we can accomplish when we work together, live our Purpose, and literally take action.

Pat Tulley Riddiford, President, Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation, has served on the Board of Trustees since 2004. She lives in the Chicago area and has been involved in the financial management of her family's construction company for the past 25 years. Pat, Beta Iota-Eastern Illinois University, made her first donation to the Foundation in 1987.