Alpha Gamma Delta


Welcome Back!

Welcome Back, Alpha Gams!

Just a few months ago summer seemed like it would never arrive, but now it is August and we simply cannot wait to see our sisters and be back on campus! It is the time of year the campus seems refreshed and the possibilities are endless. Sometimes, though, it can be difficult to make the transition from a summer off back into school, especially if your chapter is gearing up for Formal Recruitment right away.

1.jpgHere are some ways to better manage your time and make the most of the first few weeks back at school.

·     Get a planner! Not everyone uses a planner year round, but this time of the year is crucial. Being able to visually see where you need to be and when will help prevent stress. Also, time is limited, so filling out plans for a day can help alert you when you are overextending yourself.

  • Purchase your favorite Alpha Gam paper planner, or try out one of these apps on your smartphone:
    • Power Planner (designed for Windows phones) is great to help keep track of homework and grades! Follow the link for only a 99 cents download.
    • Schedule Planner (created for Apple products) allows you to see a full day's schedule, and track how much time you spend on each activity. This one is free.
    • This Schedule Planner (designed for Droid phones) is great if you have a lot of tasks to upload and not a lot of time to dedicate to figuring out a product! Also for free!
  • Make sure to allot some free time during a busy week. An easy way to prevent stress is to set aside time to enjoy your hobbies or give back to your community. Then when you do happen to feel overwhelmed, taking a few moments by yourself will help rejuvenate you and allow you to be more productive when you return to a task.
  • Another important way to manage your time is to prioritize. So many different things are thrown at students during the first week of school. It is important to remember the reason we are enrolled in college - to become educated women - and to make this our first priority.
  • Finally, enjoy yourself! There is nothing like coming back from a three month break and finding out all the new, cool things your sisters did over the summer. You might even consider planning a "welcome back" sisterhood event for sisters to share their favorite summer stories and photos!
Managing our time, prioritizing our responsibilities, taking care of ourselves and surrounding ourselves with sisters are all ways we can strive to attain well-rounded womanhood. Keep these in mind as you race back to campus.

Take time to appreciate the endless possibilities that wait for you in this new year, but remember that you don't have to accomplish everything in your first week. Be patient and manage your time well, remembering that every day brings with it new opportunities to Live with Purpose.