Alpha Gamma Delta


Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is a day on which we are reminded to celebrate love. For some, it is a day filled with joy and excitement. For others, it is a day like any other, or even one with too many hearts, flowers and candy commercials. Regardless of your feelings about this holiday, it is a day publicly dedicated to loving your family, loving your friends, loving your sisters, loving your roommates and loving your partner. Most importantly, and most forgotten, Valentine's Day is for loving YOURSELF.

While you spend today celebrating the love you have for all the incredible people in your life, make sure to take some time to love and appreciate you - authentic, unique, wonderful YOU.

For many of us it may feel strange to take time out of Valentine's Day to love our selves because we are not typically encouraged or instructed to dedicate time to celebrating and appreciating ourselves. So to make it a little easier, and to encourage you to do so on EVERY day of the year, we have a few fun ideas for you and your sisters to get in this spirit of self-appreciation!
  • At least once today, look in the mirror and say something positive about yourself, to yourself!
  • Buy yourself some flowers, candy, or delicious food as a gift for yourself for being fabulous!
  • Get some friends together and do a fun and energizing workout like hip-hop dancing or Zumba to celebrate being healthy, fun, and energetic!
  • Get your sisters together for a Favorite Movie Marathon pajama party!
  • Make yourself a tasty and healthy dinner. OR, eat your favorite junk food today. You deserve it!
  • Take a moment to celebrate something you have accomplished that you are proud of, OUT LOUD!
  • Spend time in your letters to show how much you love yourself and your decision to be an Alpha Gam!
Regardless of how you celebrate your Valentine's Day, be sure to take even just one moment to celebrate yourself. You are an intelligent, beautiful, capable, accomplished, Alpha Gamma Delta woman, and on this and every day it is worth it to remember these words:

"You yourself, as much as anyone in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection." - Buddha

Happy Valentine's Day from Alpha Gamma Delta International Headquarters!