Alpha Gamma Delta


The Total Picture

1239942_10151855387821893_849381364_n.gifBy the end of September, over 70 percent of Alpha Gamma Delta collegiate chapters had completed Formal Recruitment and now close to 2,800 new members are embarking on their Alpha Gamma Delta journey. Following a primary recruitment effort, many chapters reach their largest membership during the academic year.


Collegiate members and alumnae who work directly with recruitment efforts are probably familiar with the term total. The National Panhellenic Conference defines total as "the allowable chapter size as determined by the College Panhellenic...including new members and active members."


While factors such as campus space or housing obligations may affect total on a campus, total is usually set as close to average chapter size as possible, encouraging parity and future growth and ensuring that each chapter size allows for financial stability and a competitive campus presence.


Did you know?

Did you know that any Alpha Gamma Delta chapter not at total is required to actively participate in Continuous Open Recruitment (COR) pending there are no campus restrictions such as hiatus on COR due to an impending colonization? The Recruitment Team Handbook states, "every chapter must continue to recruit new members until quota and total are achieved."


Even chapters with one or two vacancies are required to recruit to total. Planning COR events in advance will allow a chapter to recruit efficiently when and if spaces are available. The Alpha Experience can be adjusted to accommodate women joining the chapter through COR as well.


Above and beyond

Chapters may exceed total as a result of Formal Recruitment. Many of these chapters will not have the opportunity to COR until there are vacancies in chapter total as a result of change in membership status. That being said, there may be an opportunity for the chapter to recruit to average chapter size even if that number is greater than total. You may contact the Office of Fraternity/Sorority Life on your campus to find out if recruiting to average chapter size is an option on your campus.


Procedure for reviewing total

For a number of campuses that have completed recruitment efforts this fall, total may currently be under review. While some campuses vote to automatically adjust total to average chapter size following recruitment, many campuses will discuss and vote following recruitment. Before any chapter votes on a change in total, the Vice President Campus Relations should consult with their NPC delegate. NPC delegation contacts are listed below:


Reporting changes in total

Changes in campus total should be reflected in the Recruitment Team Monthly Executive Council Report. In addition, this information should be shared with your Recruitment Specialist or Recruitment Development Specialist via email immediately after change in total. Click here to access a list of recruitment VST members.


It is very important that information regarding changes in total is communicated as this information may inform chapter Good Standing, Convention awards and chapter volunteer support.


Need help getting to total?

There are a number of resources available to help you chapter achieve its recruitment goals:

  • Office of Fraternity/Sorority Life: Set up a meeting with the fraternity/sorority professional at your campus to share your COR plans. Ask about ideas for generating a names list or reaching different campus audiences through publicity.
  • Volunteer Service Team: Contact your Recruitment Specialist or Recruitment Development Specialist to review your COR plans.
  • Online Resources: Access a COR workshop that can be facilitated for the entire chapter and a COR plan template in the Idea Center of myAlphaGam.