Alpha Gamma Delta


The Honor that is Hers

Each year, thousands of women are invited to membership in Alpha Gamma Delta. Amidst the energy, excitement and intensity of recruitment, it is important that we select those new members with the utmost care and not lose sight of responsibility and honor that is membership selection.

The Alpha Gamma Delta membership selection procedure ensures fairness and enforces reverence, respect and Ritual throughout the process. In preparation for deferred recruitment and continuous open recruitment, keep in mind the importance of upholding Fraternity standards in every aspect of the selection process.

1. Each chapter contributes to maintaining the high standards of membership.

The strength or our Fraternity on both a local and international level is dependent upon our chapters' ability to recruit outstanding, driven women who live with Purpose. Membership selection is based on our values. We should seek out women with whom our members have a connection and who strive to be the best versions of themselves.

Maintaining high standards does not mean that we look for women that are exactly the same; it means that we seek out women who connect with the ideals of the Fraternity. Each member of Alpha Gamma Delta is unique. Our members excel in a number of different areas and share a variety of talents with the community in which they are placed. Look for new members who will be strong, positive and confident representatives of the chapter and the Fraternity.

2. An invitation to join Alpha Gamma Delta is a privilege.

I remember the day I became an Alpha Gam. I was in awe of the passion displayed during Preference, the beautiful chapter house and the excitement of meeting so many new people! At the New Member Ceremony, I began to feel the power of my commitment. Through Initiation and my years serving as a chapter officer, I developed incredible friendships with some of the most remarkable women. My time as an alumna member continues to demonstrate the power of an international network of support and friendship. My life has been changed for the better in countless ways and I am honored to call myself a member of Alpha Gamma Delta.

Do not forget that an invitation to join the international organization is a privilege. Challenge all members to reflect on their invitation to membership and the impact that invitation has had on their life. When a bid is extended, you are not just offering an invitation to Bid Day; you are offering the opportunity for life-long development, support and friendship.

3. Understand the policies.

Maintaining integrity during membership selection means abiding by the regulations and guidelines set forth in our policies. It is vital that chapters use the same fair, consistent process no matter the campus or type of recruitment.  

The Membership Handbook contains a lot of information and specific instructions. Take time prior to recruitment to review the procedure and make it meaningful for members. Most membership selection questions that arise during formal recruitment can be answered by referring to the Membership Handbook. Chapters with questions regarding these policies are encouraged to reach out to International Headquarters or their designated Recruitment Volunteer Service Team member for clarification.

Offering the gift of membership is a distinct privilege. The Fraternity's legacy is in the hands of everyone who receives a bid to membership.