Alpha Gamma Delta


Sisterhood Across the Fraternity

Imagine having a horribly stressful day of travel. Your friend that was supposed to bring you to the airport had to cancel at the last minute. The cab that you called to pick you up is 20 minutes late. One of the wheels to your suitcase falls off as you walk into the airport. You forget the fingernail clipper in your pocket and must be searched at the security check point. The lid to your Starbucks cup falls off as you finally get to your gate, covering you with coffee. A suitcase poorly placed in the overhead storage bin falls on your head just as you're finding your seat, and you finally let out a sigh of stress and frustration as you sink into your seat and put your head down, hoping nobody talks to you or drops anything else on you for the rest of this flight.

"Had a long day, dear?" says the voice next to you. You politely (albeit begrudgingly) turn to respond to the elderly woman sitting in the seat next to you, sharing that you've had a stressful morning and are looking forward to a quiet flight. You take off your jacket, intent on getting comfortable for the first time that day, and the woman next to you gasps, staring at your ΑΓΔ t-shirt. "You were an Alpha Gamma Delta?? I was an Alpha Gamma Delta too!!" Overcome with excitement, she reaches out to take your hand and offer the Grip. She begins to ask questions about your experience and share stories of hers. You find yourself forgetting all about the taxi, the luggage and the coffee until three hours of chatting later, when you're hearing from the captain that your descent has begun. At the gate, you hug your new-found sister, exchanging email addresses and promising to stay in touch. You walk away smiling, rejuvenated, texting all of your sisters from your new member class about your amazing Alpha Gam airport experience.

7415665508_8a3214299d_o.jpgDo you remember the moment you decided to join a Greek-lettered organization? Whether you always knew you would join a sorority or resentfully went with your roommate to the first recruitment information session on your campus, each of us remembers making the decision to join an organization that would help shape our college experience. You might remember Bid Day and the excitement you shared with your new sisters as you embarked on this journey. Perhaps you remember your Initiation and the feeling of sisterhood that bonded your new member class together. Whatever the moment was that you realized that you were meant to be an Alpha Gam, it is one memory not soon-to-be forgotten. And while we may remember those decisions or those experiences, it seems impossible that we understood then, in that moment, exactly what we were becoming a part of: A family. A support system. A sisterhood.

For each of us, that family and support system may look different. Maybe your sisters are the ones who pick you up from class in the rain or laugh with you until the early morning hours. They might be the ones who help you celebrate a good grade in a difficult class or
7186763531_0f80c99c55_o.jpg offer to tutor you so you can do better on the next test. They may be the women you take trips with when you have vacation time away from work. These women could be the ones you want standing with you when you commit to your partner for life. Perhaps they are the group of women you turn to when you are looking for answers only other mothers can provide. Your sisters might be the ones you share your family's holiday newsletter or your professional successes with. They may the people in your life that you reminisce with about college and the fun times you had.

7189606701_3af0f074a0_o.jpgRegardless of how your Alpha Gamma Delta sisters support you or bring joy to your life, it is a closeness and a bond only true sisterhood provides. We tend to experience this bond most frequently as collegians, with our chapter sisters, with those who were a part of our first memory or decision to be an Alpha Gam. But we don't only have 30, 75 or 250 sisters of Alpha Gamma Delta—we have over 150,000! With 114 active and 180 installed chapters across North America, there are Alpha Gamma Delta sisters quite literally all over the world, everywhere we look. They are our waitresses and customers, our teachers and our students; they are living in the house next door and sitting in the seat next to us on the plane; they are the women in uniform keeping us safe, and national and world leaders we trust. We are surrounded by our sisterhood everywhere we look, well beyond our years in college.

That is one of the most appealing aspects of sorority 7543908464_3f5a4a7d98_o.jpglife—that no matter where we are, what we're doing or who we become, we can always find sisterhood across this Fraternity. In your town or city, the room across the hall, in your Alumnae Chapter or on your Facebook Wall, our sisters and the bonds we share stretch across the Fraternity and the globe. Sisterhood doesn't stop when we move out of the chapter house or away from college. It follows us wherever we go, and will do so forever. Because it's not that "We were Alpha Gams in college;" We are Alpha Gams forever.

Forever let us appreciate the sisterhood we share, the Purpose that binds us together and the efforts we make to continue to support one another. Let us treasure the sisters we have in our lives now, and continue to discover more. And when we meet our sister in the restaurant, the classroom or on the plane, let us grab her hands in excitement and say, "You are an Alpha Gamma Delta?? I am an Alpha Gamma Delta too!"

To find and connect with sisters in your area, login to myAlphaGam and complete the Member/Alumnae Search. This tool will connect you with all of the sisters in your area.