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The Value of Recruitment

Fall Formal Recruitment season is in full swing and off to an exciting start! Whether your chapter has frills or no frills, recruits in a chapter house or in a room on campus, has 20 women or 200 women, recruitment is an opportunity to tell others the amazing story of Alpha Gamma Delta and welcome new women into a lifelong, international sisterhood.

We here at IHQ wanted to offer you a few pieces of recruitment wisdom to make your chapter's recruitment experience as successful as possible!

Make your Potential New Members (PNMs) feel at home.
People come back to places they are comfortable. Think about your favorite restaurant. You walk in and you are greeted by a host who shows you to the cozy booth where you like to sit. You know what your favorite menu item is and maybe even your favorite waiter or waitress. At the end of your meal, you know to pay at the counter and grab a mint on your way out, excited to come back again soon.1.jpg

We want the recruitment experience we provide to PNMs to be like what you would experience at your favorite restaurant. PNMs should feel comfortable and welcomed when they enter and to be escorted around the room. We want to provide our PNMs appropriate refreshments (even if it's just ice water), and we want them to leave feeling satisfied. If we are able to provide a comfortable experience for the PNMs, they will want to return to Alpha Gamma Delta.

Remember to breathe.
2.jpgMeeting PNMs and maneuvering through a recruitment party is an orchestrated ballet of bumps and rotations to which PNMs are totally oblivious. Sometimes, however, members get a little too caught up in the master plan and when something goes wrong, they panic. A PNM arrives out of order, there aren't enough refreshments or someone is sitting in your PNM's place for the recruitment skit. All of these "emergencies" are, in fact, not emergencies at all. If a PNM arrives out of order, pick her up anyway and have a great conversation. If there are not enough refreshments, apologize to the PNM and ask a member without a PNM to bring out another snack. And finally, if someone is in your PNM's spot for the skit, simply grab an extra chair or sit her in another seat.

Recruitment will not always run perfectly. There will be slight bumps in the road. Remember, keep smiling and use your common sense to solve the problem. PNMs aren't necessarily looking for perfection, they're looking for sisters!

Be yourself, and be the best version of yourself.
During recruitment I am constantly reminded of the part of our Purpose that says "to possess high ideals and to attain somewhat unto them." Every day we should challenge ourselves to represent the ideals of the Fraternity to the best of our ability. We can do this during recruitment by staying healthy and happy, having confidence and using our Fraternity values in conversation with PNMs.

Your attitude will define your recruitment experience. Support your advisors and the 3.jpgRecruitment Team. Welcome recruitment visitors. Send a care package to the College Panhellenic. Bring 110 percent to every recruitment practice. When you spend time getting to know your sisters on a deeper level and learning more about the Fraternity, recruitment will grow your love and passion for Alpha Gamma Delta.

Above all else, remember this: recruitment allows us to carry on the legacy of Alpha Gamma Delta. Not only should we live with Purpose, but we should recruit with Purpose. Make the most of the recruitment journey and seek women who will uphold the values of the Fraternity.

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