Alpha Gamma Delta


A Purpose-Driven Recruitment

One in a series of three recruitment blogs


What drives you during recruitment?
Maybe it's the upbeat door songs or staying up to all hours of the night working on skit costumes. Perhaps it's the thrill in seeing new members running towards the chapter on Bid Day. While there are several aspects of recruitment that may keep a member motivated throughout the process, recruitment takes on new meaning when members challenge themselves to see Alpha Gamma Delta values as the Purpose driving their efforts.

Know your Purpose

Purpose is the reason for which something exists. Alpha Gamma Delta exists to promote the ideals of sisterhood, service and life-long learning within an international community of women. Recruitment is an extension of those values and an invitation to a chosen few to embark on the pursuit of that ideal womanhood for which our Fraternity stands.

IMG_0083.jpgIn preparation for recruitment of any kind, it is invaluable to reflect on the organization's Purpose and values. Take time to have conversations with other members, advisors and alumnae about the Purpose and the Ritual. Practice conversation using lines of the Purpose as conversation prompts. Most importantly, it's important to examine who you are and who Alpha Gamma Delta is helping you to become. Developing your sense of purpose is an essential building block for meaningful recruitment conversation.

Meaningful, purpose-driven conversation is good for the soul. Some scientists even say that individuals who engage in meaningful conversation are happier than those who continuously engage in surface level conversation. Think about a truly meaningful conversation you have had, a conversation where you made a genuine connection with another person. A conversation where you have walked away saying to yourself, "That person is a really awesome. I want to hang out with that person again."
I would venture to guess that none of these conversations were about how hot it is outside during recruitment or how much cuter the Panhellenic shirts are this year than they were last year. A meaningful conversation is engaging and unforgettable. Meaningful conversations start with a confident recruiter seeking a genuine connection and common ground with a Potential New Member. A meaningful conversation is situation-specific—questions do not need to be unique as much as they need to be intentional. The recruiter should seek to get to know what the Potential New Member values. What is she passionate about? What is she looking for in a college experience? What attributes does she value in a friend? Ultimately, where and how do this woman's values and Alpha Gamma Delta values align?

Use your Purpose

Using your purpose is key to working towards the desired goal. The goal of member recruitment is to find women that exemplify Alpha Gamma Delta values while working to be good stewards of the organization to all Potential New Members. Every member of every chapter should reflect on the characteristics they value in a Potential New Member and a sister.

Try the following activity:
1. Give each member piece of paper.
2. Tell members to draw a picture of the ideal new member, labeling her body parts and accessories as they relate to her character traits. (Example: Ears for listening to the needs of her sisters.)
3. Have members share their drawings and characteristics.
4. As a chapter, talk about how these characteristics relate to the Purpose and Ritual.
Is your ideal new member pictured as poised to take on new challenges inside the
chapter and on campus? Does she wear glasses that help her see the best others? Is she extending a "helping hand" to serve others in the community? What does a new member that lives with Purpose look like?

Be united in your Purpose

One of the most valuable parts of membership in Alpha Gamma Delta is the network of sisters. Recruitment is a time to be resolved in the power of that sisterhood.

Simon Sinek, author and motivational speaker said, "A purpose-driven organization is a simple idea. It's an organization of people who show up for the same reason, who work together to achieve something and will sacrifice so that the others may make it. Those are the great organizations; those are the organizations and the people that change the world."

Each chapter, the members, the advisors, the alumnae, is a purpose-driven organization. During recruitment, everyone is working together for the same thing. Recruitment is about hard work. It requires dedication. Members rely on one another to do everything from completing a rotation group to meeting and selecting Potential New Members.

304701_417213564991275_230776649_n.jpgIt is vital that a chapter believes in their sisterhood and the power of the sorority experience before recruitment starts. During recruitment preparation, build each other up with encouraging sisterhood activities. Engage a sister you may not know as well in a meaningful conversation to learn about her. Spend time as a chapter talking about what values the members most identify with and how those values will play into recruitment and beyond.

A recruitment with the Purpose as a guide will build sisterhood within a chapter and attract new members who are leaders and scholars. New members strong in their convictions, who value scholarship and leadership, will ensure the best future for our chapters and the Fraternity.