Alpha Gamma Delta


Overcoming #TSM

Did you know that of America's 50 largest corporations, 43 are headed by Greek men and women? That the graduation rate is 20 percent higher among fraternity and sorority members? Or, that all but 2 U.S. Presidents since 1852 have been members of a Greek organization?

Fraternity men and sorority women are those who have committed themselves to the values of scholarship, service, leadership and brotherhood and sisterhood. We are leaders in and out of the classroom, entrusted by our Founders to be a living example of our organizations' values. We are men and women of character, held to the highest of standards and filled with pride to represent our organizations.
As members of Alpha Gamma Delta specifically, we strive to Live with Purpose. Our members, both collegiate and alumnae, are leading values-driven lives, putting emphasis on scholarship, service and sisterhood. We are here for one another. We inspire the woman. We impact the world.

If all of these things are true, then why have we allowed ourselves to fall prey to the "TSM" mentality?

In recent times, the "Total Sorority Move" movement has gained unprecedented popularity. Promoting negative stereotypes and broadcasting degrading stories centered on the actions of sorority and fraternity members, these publications undoubtedly fuel anti-Greek sentiments.
Perhaps more unfortunate than its popularity though, is that most of the movement's followers and fans come from right inside the Greek community.

By supporting and participating in this movement, you are working against all that our Founders fought to create.

Next time you are tempted to reply "#TSM" to a sister's story or to re-tweet a demeaning post on Twitter, take a moment and think about what you're actually saying. Think about what that tweet says about women of Alpha Gamma Delta, and the legacy our Founders set out to create. Think about what that means for sorority women everywhere, who strive for leadership, service, scholarship and sisterhood. Think about fraternity men and sorority women everywhere, running Fortune 500 companies or sitting in the White House, and what that comment or that tweet says about their membership. It takes value from each of our positive experiences. It diminishes our credibility among our non-Greek peers. It perpetuates a stereotype that frankly, we are better than. Think about these things, and instead, take a stand and consider putting your efforts behind a different movement; a movement worth the attention of purpose-driven women., or #ASM, is new movement that was started by a Jessie Garber, a current student at Illinois State University, to
combat negative stereotypes of "sorority girls" formed by media and social networks. #ASM asks sorority women 7190090431_ca4e9465a2_o.jpgeverywhere to share stories, pictures and experiences that are true demonstrations of our values. You can see a few examples of those Tweets and Facebook Posts here, or more similarly stellar examples of what actual sorority women do can be found here. Challenge yourself to replace your Sunday morning scroll through "#TSM" posts with reading the latest blog on ActualSororityMove.Org. Challenge yourself to even submit your own "#ASM" and help to reshape the public's view of what it means to be a sorority woman. Challenge yourself to find more #ASM moments around you every day than you find #TSM.

Reclaim your womanhood and remind the media, social networks and the world that they cannot define what it means to be a sorority woman. We are the only ones who can define our experience, and together we can define it as it was actually supposed to be—one of values-congruent and purpose-driven women coming together to celebrate our values; one of opportunity to grow and network; one that facilitated the development of some of our nations' greatest leaders.

"This shall be my purpose that those who know me may esteem Alpha Gamma Delta for her attainments, revere her for her purposes and love her for her womanhood." #ASM