Alpha Gamma Delta


Living out our Ritual

This week marks National Ritual Celebration Week. During this week, the interfraternal community reflects on why fraternities and sororities were founded, while exploring their rituals and divulging on what it means to apply it to their daily lives.

RitualWeek_logo(no Year).jpgIt is an honor to share the same sentiments of our Ritual with over women who have been initiated into Alpha Gamma Delta. From the Founders to our newly initiated members, these sentiments give each member the ability to attain to the highest ideals each and every day.

At times, we may find it difficult to understand how to live by our Ritual without exposing the sentiments of our Fraternity. In order to share our ideals with the public, our Founders created the Alpha Gamma Delta Purpose. The Purpose lays out the framework for values and membership expectations of Alpha Gamma Delta, which our Founders set forth for our future. To Live with Purpose, a member has to strive toward certain high ideals that can be talked about, shared and even written, like leadership, philanthropy and sisterhood. 

Every day the women of Alpha Gamma Delta can strive to "cherish friendship with but a chosen few," "gain understanding" and "welcome the opportunity of contributing to the world's work." These lines are perfect examples of how Alpha Gams can live our Ritual every day.

As we continue through National Ritual Celebration Week, live each day with Purpose. You can do this by catching up with a sister. Alpha Gamma Delta women are always there for one another and "cherish friendship with but a chosen few."

Take time to learn more about our Founders and the women who laid groundwork for Alpha Gam. Our Purpose says, "to gain understanding" and today could be the day you gain a better understanding of our Founders. Each of them have a great and unique story. Founders.jpgEmily Helen Butterfield even has an exhibit at International Headquarters!

Another option for living with Purpose this week is to give back to your community. Women of Alpha Gamma Delta strive to impact the world. Helping at a local food bank or shelter is "contributing to the worlds work in the community that I am placed" and fulfills the call in our Purpose to give back.

When Alpha Gams return to the strong foundation rooted in our Purpose, we discover more about the Fraternity and ourselves, remembering that what we do really matters. If we are truly living with Purpose, we are living our Ritual, too.

Let us know how you're living with Purpose this week. Tweet at International Headquarters or comment on our Facebook page!

"This shall be my purpose that those who know me may esteem Alpha Gamma Delta for her attainments, revere her for her purposes and love her for her womanhood."