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Leaving a Legacy

As the end of the semester quickly approaches, many chapters are wrapping up officer elections and preparing to transition a new team of leaders to make an impact in our organization, on campuses and in communities. For outgoing officers, it's easy to turn over the handbooks, wish the next officer good luck and settle in to a new role. Don't let all of your hard work this past year go to waste by not taking the time to properly prepare the woman who will step into your role. Dedicating even just a few short hours to train the new officers will not only set them up for personal success but will set up the chapter for continued success as well!

As outgoing officers, consider the following to best prepare your successor.

Review your top ten. What were the most important lessons you learned throughout your term? What do you know now that you wish you would have known at the beginning? Capturing a quick list of your top ten takeaways will be an easy and effective way to start your transition.
Relay important contact information. If you have contacts for event locations, publicity mediums, campus organizations, advisors, volunteers or other important people, take time to pass along this contact information and update your chapter's contact information where applicable.

Celebrate your success and Find opportunities for improvement.
You inevitably experienced ups and downs throughout your term. Identify what went well and share learning moments to create a tradition of success and eliminate making the same mistakes. Update incoming officers on progress of specific goals and share your thoughts on where she can continue to do to improve the position.

Develop a calendar. You know what responsibilities, reports and activities occurred throughout your term. Take the time to note important deadlines, including any pre-planning that is needed for annual events.
Share the wealth. There's a host of resources available to officers to help understand their new role. Be sure the new officer knows how to access the Resource Center and Idea Center on myAlphaGam and can find her respective handbooks, reports and other resources.

Serve as a mentor.
In additional to reviewing the responsibilities of each role, you also have the opportunity to help shape the next officer's leadership style and ability. Reflect on how your role has shaped your own thoughts on leadership and the skills that have been strengthened as a result of your leadership position. Don't underestimate the power of mentoring; you can serve as a role model not only during your transition, but in the upcoming months as new officers develop initiatives and projects. Be proud of the opportunity to provide support to the next officer and allow her to create her own legacy.

Thank you to all outgoing officers for the long hours, persistence and inspiration to impact the Fraternity. Alpha Gamma Delta is better because of your dedication and efforts to Live with Purpose!
To our incoming officers: Congratulations on the privilege of serving as an officer! The next twelve months will be a chaotic ride; enjoy the opportunity to learn more about yourself and your sisters. We look forward to seeing the impact each of you makes!

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