Alpha Gamma Delta


Happy Mother's Day!

May can be a busy time for us all. Whether it be finals, packing or moving, graduations, weddings, baby showers, planning summer vacations or spring cleaning, this month seems to be jam-packed with activity, excitement and celebration. Regardless of your plans for this month, we hope you'll take a few minutes on May 13 to celebrate the one person that every single woman of Alpha Gamma Delta has in common- your sister-mother!

For each and every one of us, our sister-mother may have played a different role. She may have become your best friend, your roommate, your mentor, study buddy or your cheerleader. But for each of us, she played a special role that only women of Alpha Gamma Delta will understand. Because you didn't have a "big sis," you have a sister- mother-- a woman who chose you, stood by you in the Pledge Service, presented you with your Pledge Pin and vowed to serve as your special guide, your mentor, your guardian and your friend as you develop into a woman of Alpha Gamma Delta and the Greek community.

And much like your membership in the Fraternity is life-long, so is your relationship with your sister-mother. Maybe you see her every day in class or at lunch. Maybe you live down the road from one another and share Rosebud play dates with your children every week. Maybe you have lost contact over the years. Either way, on this Mother's Day we encourage you to include your sister-mother on the list of incredible women in your life to celebrate, honor and appreciate.

For some great Mother's Day gift ideas for your sister-mother, be sure to take a peek at Alpha Gamma Delta's Pinterest. We created a board just for you!