Alpha Gamma Delta


Feast of Roses

The excitement is almost unbearable! It's 1915 and you've traveled all the way to Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota to represent your chapter at the 5th Convention. Dressed in a special gown, brand new for this spectacular occasion, you walk from your cottage to a beautifully decorated banquet hall to join over 200 sisters from 15 chapters for the very first Feast of Roses.

Dinner is served and almost immediately, lightning cracks all around the building. Thunder rolls so loudly overhead that you could swear that you feel it in your bones. As you enjoy the delicious meal, you talk over the storm, hearing stories from your sisters of different chapter experiences and encouraging each other in sisterly love.

Then it hits you. Eventually, the meal will end and it will be time to walk back to your cottage. You'll have to walk back in the storm. Your beautiful shoes will be ruined and this lovely dress will soak through. How will you explain this to your mother who helped you, so carefully, to select this dress for this momentous Alpha Gamma Delta milestone?

"No one there will ever forget the thunderstorm during the banquet, nor the trip, in party frocks and shoes, along the rain-soaked paths to the cottages afterwards." ~ Founder Georgia Dickover

Since the 1915 Convention, the Feast of Roses has served as the final celebration banquet of Convention. Patterned after this formal dinner at Convention, collegiate chapters also host their own Feast of Roses, taking place following the major Initiation of each school year.

The event celebrates all sisters initiated since the previous Feast of Roses and includes six brief speeches to honor our alma mater, Founders, alumnae, collegians, initiates and our beloved Fraternity. Although these speeches are called "toasts" in the program, it is interpreted as a verbal tribute only and does not include standing, raising or touching glasses.

In 1979, the Fraternity celebrated our 75th Anniversary at our 30th Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was at this Convention that a new tradition would begin. Each member lit a candle as her chapter's name was called during Chapter Roll at the Feast of Roses. This was the beginning of a long line of lit candles to represent each chapter.

Now at the 48th Convention, 118 chapters will be represented at Feast of Roses and we anticipate over 600 attendees. Feast of Roses.jpgCan you imagine the beauty and awe of the room filling with light from over 600 candles as each of our installed chapters are named aloud and members from those chapters light their candles in remembrance of their Initiation? It is certainly one of the most cherished moments of International Convention each biennium.

We are looking forward to sharing this unforgettable event at this year's International Convention and would like for you to join us, even if you can't attend. On the evening of July 12, take a moment and light a candle in remembrance of your Initiation, in celebration of our accomplishments over the past biennium and in certainty of Alpha Gamma Delta's bright future.

"We of Alpha Gamma Delta lift our lamps before the golden door of opportunity given to us tonight and with triumph, courage, promise and purpose go forth to face tomorrow." ~Grand President Lulu Good Vogelsang