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Campus Resources

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Take a moment, and visualize the setting where you first became a member of Alpha Gamma Delta, or where you were when someone encouraged you to participate in sorority recruitment, or where you spent most of your time with your sisters. For many of us, these moments took place somewhere on or near our college campuses.

This year alone, over 4,000 new collegiate members joined Alpha Gamma Delta on campuses across North America. For over 100 years, this Fraternity has provided to women incredible opportunities to learn to Live with Purpose. But we're not the only ones! There are offices, faculty, programs, staff members and communities on each and every college campus that, when coupled with your involvement in Alpha Gamma Delta, can help create for you and your chapter the most purposeful college experience possible. As you visualize the place or the moment when you decided to make Alpha Gamma Delta a part of your college experience, also visualize the countless other places, people and groups that you could also decide to utilize to make your college experience even better!

Why reach out to these different groups?
Campus professionals are just that—experts to help you, the students, with a specific aspect of college life. They know what they are doing, and they understand the ins and outs of accomplishing things at your college or university. A lot of the work that they do with other departments actually relates back to our Purpose—you might even find a new way that you can Live with Purpose during your years as a student! Reaching out to other departments on campus can also serve to create a positive image for Alpha Gamma Delta.

7186402937_cc69bd6581_o.jpgWhat types of resources are out there?
Every school is going to offer something different based on their own mission, values and culture. Most colleges and universities have academic support services, career services and student life departments. Some have offices specifically dedicated to women's programming, cultural awareness and diversity, community volunteering and promoting individual wellness. Even other student organizations offer great events and opportunities!

How do we approach using these resources?
Don't be afraid to just walk into an office on campus and ask a few questions. The professionals who work in these departments are sure to be friendly and willing to help any student! In some cases, you may learn about an event or a workshop that some of your sisters might want to participate in. You could also look to a campus department (and even another student organization) to find a partner for an event that you would like to host yourselves. Some chapters partner with their Wellness Centers to bring speakers to campus who talk about taking care of each other and how to promote a safe community, for example.

Who can use these resources, and for what?
Most of the time, any student can access these campus resources—which includes any collegiate member of Alpha Gamma Delta! A lot of officers can benefit from information and events offered on campus. Here are a few examples:
  • As finals approach, a Vice President Scholarship could visit academic support services and learn about studying tips that she can share with other members.
  • Many on-campus events are free to students, which means they are pre-planned and very cost-effective events! Social and Sisterhood Coordinators can plan events that are based around athletics, musical performances and campus speakers.
  • The Campus Programs requirement of Member Development Programming is meant to be a partnership with campus! The Vice President Member Development can meet with a Fraternity/Sorority Advisor to come up with programs to attend that will help chapter members grow in their specified UniLOA domains.

Where else are there opportunities for partnership?

There is no reason to limit your Alpha Gamma Delta partnerships to college
campuses! Community organizations are often eager to join forces for big events that require a lot of volunteers. Some non-profit groups also focus on education about community issues, and would be willing to come speak to the chapter or invite members to an informational meeting. Remember, all Alpha Gam groups—collegiate and alumnae alike—can build relationships with their community! Collegiate members, ask your local alumnae what organizations they work for or volunteer with in your 6477495061_4f05a330c0_o.jpglocal communities to find unique opportunities for new and exciting partnerships. Alumnae, reach out to your local collegiate chapter to learn about events and resources on college campuses that are open and available to the public!