Alpha Gamma Delta


California Homecoming

In 12 short months, the 11 courageous Founders of Alpha Gamma Delta created the basis of an organization that has withstood the test of time. UCLA.JPGEach year, as we start new colonies across North America, women have the chance to follow in the footsteps of our Founders.

In the last couple months, over 300 women in southern California have taken up the opportunity of being trailblazers and pioneers just like our Founders.

Their installations will occur early next semester.

These colonies present a unique opportunity because not only are these women forging a new path for Alpha Gamma Delta on their campuses, they each have the tradition, history and legacUSCpic.jpgy of joining a chapter that was first founded long before.

Alpha Gamma Delta originally joined the USC and UCLA communities in mid-1920's and the San Diego State community in the 40's. Reestablishing these three chapters has been a long time in the making and marks a celebration for the new members, the alumnae of each chapter and for the Fraternity as a whole.

The fall has inspired excitement for more than just our newest members at each campus. Approximately 50 Volunteer Service Team and International Headquarters staff members, both near and far, joined together to execute the events, nearly 500 alumnae signed up to be paired as pearl sisters with our newest colony members, and over 2400 alumnae are seeing their initiating chapters thriving again at their alma maters.

These chapters have long been a part of our organization's history, and we have waited over 30 years to have students actively wear the Alpha Gamma Delta letters throughout campus once again. 

SDSU2.jpgThank you to everyone who has helped to make these recolonizations such a success, and please join us in welcoming the newest members of Alpha Gamma Delta!