Alpha Gamma Delta


Live With Purpose

Experience the new Alpha Gamma Delta!

AGD Logo RGB-JH.jpgIt's been a long journey and we're so excited to finally show Alpha Gamma Delta's new brand to all of you! "How long can that possibly take?" you ask? Well, it's been just a little over a year since we began this project to create a brand that is more reflective of who today's Alpha Gamma Delta truly is.

Sisterhood has and always will be a founding ideal of our organization, but we have much more to offer our members and the world and we should be communicating that! With International Council in agreement, we set off to find a new look for Alpha Gamma Delta.

"Brand" can be a vague marketing term that can mean several different things to different people. But at its simplest, a brand is the "look" of an organization. Through one image, a brand tells you exactly who the organization is and what they stand for.

Think of Nike's swoosh and Just Do It. Or Target's bull's-eye and Expect More. Pay Less.

And now, you can think of Alpha Gamma Delta as the red rose and Live with Purpose.

But what does it all mean? Well, the rose remains circular because we understand the importance of circles to the Fraternity. And you might have noticed that the rose stem seems to grow out of the "L" in Live with Purpose. No pun intended, but that was on purpose. We wanted to communicate the growth and forward movement of the organization.

As for Live with Purpose itself, well, that came to us quite naturally. Since its creation in 1919, Alpha Gams everywhere have embraced the ideals Founder Emily Helen Butterfield laid out as a road map to a fulfilling and meaningful life. It encompasses everything Alpha Gamma Delta stands for, including our drive to inspire the woman and impact the world. It just fit.

The point of the Purpose and the tagline Live with Purpose is to determine your own path to achieve these ideals. And the ideals themselves are simple. Be there for your sisters. Take care of yourself and those around you. Be the best you can be. Know that what you do matters and you can make an impact in the smallest of ways. That's living with Purpose.