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A Time for Giving

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"I was left with thousands of dollars in medical bills that insurance didn't cover and I was not able to pay. If it wasn't for the ΑΓΔ Foundation, I have no idea where I would be right now." -- Nicole Hopkins, Delta Theta, SIS Grant recipient

Last fall, our Delta Theta Chapter sister was experiencing constant headaches, vision problems and nausea. Doctors diagnosed a rare and little-understood condition in which fluid builds up inside the brain and spinal column. Nicole had to quit school, move home and cut back her work hours while on medications to try to treat the disorder. It didn't work. So as her chapter sisters prepared for last May's finals at the University of Idaho, Nicole prepared for brain surgery.

Thankfully, that procedure helped tremendously. With her symptoms under control, Nicole plans to return to school next semester. However, the financial strain has been overwhelming. An Alpha Gam sister suggested she apply for a SIS Grant from the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation, a grant designed to assist Fraternity members in need.

In 2011, Nicole was among 18 sisters awarded a total of $28,665 in emergency financial assistance, thanks to the generosity of sisters like YOU.

Help Our Sisters

The Foundation's SIS Grant Program, designed to help a sister during a catastrophic emergency, has provided support to many sisters who have experienced emergencies due to things like fire, hurricane, death of a spouse or parent, illness, etc. Since this program began, over 275 sisters, like Nicole, have been touched thanks to generous sisters.

In addition, academic scholarships and continuing education grants are available to members. With the ever-increasing cost of tuition, this support allows sisters to stay in school and pursue their dreams.

The generosity of Foundation donors makes this help available.

Help Our Fraternity

With the support of alumnae and friends, the Foundation was able to award $200,000 in grants to the Fraternity last year. Through these grants, 40 women were able to attend leadership development programs like LeaderShape and the Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI).

Amanda Brown, Alpha Eta- Dalhousie University, recently attended UIFI and had this to say about her experience, "I have learned the importance of accountability, honesty, making my Ritual my ritual, and living my Purpose ... this experience had a dramatic impact on my life."

New members are empowered to make smart choices through GreekLifeEdu, sophomores and juniors learn about themselves and develop life skills through the Gamma Experience, and recent graduates gain leadership skills through the traveling Leadership Consultant Program; all programs funded in part by the ΑΓΔ Foundation.

The generosity of Foundation donors provides these life skills and leadership opportunities.

Help Our Community

Chosen by the Fraternity, Alpha Gamma Delta's philanthropic focus is diabetes education and awareness. Members engage in community service and fundraising events in the name of this worthy cause. The Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation provides grants to help individuals living with diabetes. Last year, 10 diabetes-related organizations, in eight different states, received funding from the Foundation supporting summer camps, research and education.

The generosity of Foundation donors provides this community support.

Giving is Better than Receiving

With images on the news and internet, we are reminded daily that there are many people less fortunate than ourselves. During this season of giving, remember that giving of your time or your money helps you make your mark on the world. YOU can make a difference. Continue to volunteer, serve and give during this season and beyond.

The Foundation continues to appreciate your gifts. Thank you! Your support is impacting many individual lives and is making a difference within Alpha Gamma Delta and in communities around the world.

"One person can make a difference, and everyone should try."
-- John Fitzgerald Kennedy