Alpha Gamma Delta


A New Outlook

It's that time of year again. As beach season looms ahead, many women start to worry about their body and appearance. Gyms start filling up, women are outside exercising and salads become a more popular menu item, all because we are worried about our appearance and how we will look in our barely-there clothing.

This year, let's have a new outlook. The spring and summer seasons, or any other season, shouldn't be about how we look, but about how we feel! Active.jpgAlpha Gams "develop and prize health and vigor of body," which is reflective of making good choices and feeling confident with your body - no matter the size!

According to Dr. Glenn Gaesser, professor at Arizona State University, regardless of body size or weight, exercising regularly creates a healthy body. It isn't about our size or how we look in our swim suits - it's about keeping our bodies moving and feeling good in our own skin.

Being healthy does not mean spending all day at the gym, binge salad-eating for a month or extreme calorie counting. Most everything is fine in moderation - sometimes there isn't anything quite as good as frozen yogurt on a hot day or binge watching House of Cards on a lazy Friday night! Just be sure to balance them with practices that keep you active too.

Here are some simple ways to be healthy:
•    Take your pet for a walk
•    Eat fast food in moderation
•    Exchange french fries for a salad once a week
•    Join an intramural team or a community rec league
•    Take the stairs instead of the elevator
•    Bike to a sister's house instead of driving the short distance
•    Check out Alpha Gam's Healthy Living Pinterest board!
Although taking the stairs or swapping french fries for a salad aren't always our first choices, they are choices impacting how we feel about ourselves and our bodies. With confidence, we can rock our tankinis on the beach, feel beautiful without wearing makeup and have the courage to speak our minds. We can do all of these things because we feel good about ourselves.

When joining Alpha Gamma Delta, we pledged to uphold the ideals in our Purpose. It is up to you to live out these ideals and "prize health and vigor of body."

Let's all have a new outlook this year. Let's not worry about what others think about how we look. Confidence stems from how we feel about ourselves. Make an effort to be health conscious and in no time you will feel great about yourself and more confident in the person you've become!