Alpha Gamma Delta


Official Jewelry

Herff Jones is the official Fraternity jeweler providing Badges as well as rings, lavalieres and limited edition jewelry. If you are an initiated member who needs to order a replacement Badge, you can do so here. If you are a new member ordering your first Badge, you will need to work with your Alpha Experience Coordinator to place your order through your OmegaFi account. 


Article X. Section 2 of the Alpha Gamma Delta Constitution:
"At the time of Initiation, each member shall purchase a life leasehold on a Badge."

Collegiate Badges:
A member who is suspended or expelled is not in Good Standing and does not retain her Badge. The conference team shall meet with the member and the Badge shall be taken to be held in good faith until the situation is resolved. Should the conference result in a recommendation for suspension or expulsion, the chapter shall immediately forward the member's Badge to International Headquarters with this form: Alpha Gamma Delta International Headquarters, 8710 N. Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN 46260.

Alumnae Badges:
Per the Constitution and Standing Rules of the Fraternity a Badge is to be returned to the Fraternity or buried with the member upon entrance into Chapter Grand. Please complete the Badge Disposition Form to be returned to International Headquarters along with your Badge. 

It is recommended that this form be reproduced and distributed to every member of the alumnae chapter or club. Members may wish to include this form as an attachment to their wills or trusts.