Alpha Gamma Delta


Member Expectations

f-13-1-6242584_x2RJFo2U_DSC00869.jpgAlpha Gamma Delta Fraternity has impacted over 160,000 women across the United States and Canada during a span of more than 100 years. It is the hope of the Fraternity that membership in Alpha Gamma Delta enriches the lives of members beyond the collegiate years, promoting the importance of life-long learning, service and a network of women united by a common Purpose.

Alpha Gamma Delta aims to support the intellectual, physical and emotional growth of collegiate and alumnae members and in turn asks for a commitment to uphold the ideals and values set forth in the Alpha Gamma Delta Purpose, Fraternity Ritual and Fraternity Mission through service to the Fraternity when called upon and service to the greater global community.

Members of Alpha Gamma Delta take pride in the rich history of the organization and accept the charge to challenge the Fraternity to maintain a high standard of relevance.

Membership in Alpha Gamma Delta is a privilege, an honor and a call represent the cherished symbols of the Fraternity to the world.