Alpha Gamma Delta


Conversations vs. Connections

In a world full of cell phones, tablets, computers and even watches that talk to us, we are constantly connected. We are calling sisters across the continent, emailing advisors with questions and checking social media so that we are up to date on current events. This is a wonderful thing! But we can often forget to have a conversation with the people sitting right next to us.

Take a moment today to look up from your phone when you are in public. What do you see? The majority of the people around us are looking down into some sort of electronic device that is letting them connect with everyone but the people right next to them.girls texting.jpgWe have all had that moment at a meal with friends when you realize everyone is on their phones, not talking with the sisters/friends/family right at the table. In a crowd of people, even surrounded by friends, you can feel incredibly lonely.

On social media, we can control what we are going to say and are able to present our best self. There is less fear of rejection or awkward silence when you are in control of what is being said. But when you're having a face-to-face conversation you lose that control - the conversation becomes organic. You can't put a filter on it to make it look perfect. But that's the beauty of connecting with people face-to-face. You see them for who they are and they get the privilege of seeing the real you too.

This week we challenge you to put your phone down and meet the people around you. Worry less about the number of likes on a photo and more about the interests and likes of the sister you sit next to at dinner. This week it isn't about a social media challenge, it's about a social excellence challenge.