Alpha Gamma Delta


VST Appointment Process

What is VST?

The Volunteer Service Team (VST) is comprised of alumnae (elected or appointed) who devote their time and expertise to the continued growth and improvement of Alpha Gamma Delta. The VST is led by International Council and made of International Standing Committees, the Chapter Development Team and the Fraternity Resources Team.

The VST Experience
We are grateful for the valuable skills and expertise that so many sisters willingly share with the Fraternity and our hope is that all of our volunteers will have an equally meaningful experience. A large part of making that hope a reality is ensuring that while our volunteers give of their time and talents, that we are also providing opportunities to grow their leadership potential. The following are just a few areas where volunteers have the opportunity to develop and/or master skills: 
  • Assembling and participating in virtual teams
  • Navigating collaborative work in a multigenerational environment
  • Identifying inconsistencies and/or patterns in information and effectively using resources to resolve issues
  • Facilitating groups of stakeholders through problem solving or change processes
  • Using organizational values, professional standards and established policies and procedures in decision-making
  • Generating commitment and enthusiasm from others to set and achieve challenging objectives
  • Facilitating difficult conversations with others by giving honest and timely feedback
  • Developing relationships through mutual trust and commitment to a common vision

VST members are appointed for no more than a two-year term beginning June 1 of non-Convention years. If you are interested in serving on the VST, you must submit an application to International Council for review and selection. This year, the applications are available through an online service called RecruiterBox. Please follow this link to view the VST Biennium Appointment applications.

The deadline for current VST members to submit their Intent to Return application is January 15, 2015. For new applicants, completed recommendation form(s) and application are due by February 1, 2015. To learn more about the application and process, please reference the application guide. Through the application guide, you will be able to review all application questions. When you begin the application online you will not be able to "save and return" so it is important to review the questions now so you have time to prepare meaningful responses. To learn more about specific job descriptions for each volunteer position, please follow the links in the menu to the left.

Although it is not required, it is highly recommended that new applicants provide 2-3 references. Your references may or may not be members of Alpha Gamma Delta. Each reference needs to fill out the official recommendation form. There is a section of the online application where you can upload the completed recommendations forms. If your reference(s) would prefer to submit their recommendation directly to International Headquarters, please have them email it to