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Rosebuds groups are formed by sisters living in the same geographic area; organizers plan regularly scheduled activities and community service events appropriate for the participating girls.

The goals of the program are:
  • to foster strong adult-girl relationships;
  • to provide fun activities in which adults and girls can participate;
  • to provide ways for members to remain involved in Alpha Gam during the busy child rearing years;
  • to increase the visibility of Alpha Gamma Delta in the community;
  • to introduce girls and young women to the sisterhood of our Fraternity.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rosebuds

How do I start a Rosebuds group?

A Rosebuds group can be started by an alumnae chapter or club, a collegiate chapter or an individual member of Alpha Gamma Delta. Begin by registering with the Fraternity Programs team at Then solicit interest among additional interested adults (including Alpha Gamma Delta alumnae and non-members) who have girls in the target age ranges. If requested, the Fraternity Programs team will provide information on local alumnae or collegiate chapters or alumnae clubs. Use resources from the local alumnae chapter or club (if one exists), such as the alumnae newsletter and geographic data, to encourage participation.

What kind of activities does a Rosebuds group do?

In general, it is recommended that Rosebuds groups plan activities for a particular age group. Have a great idea? Send the idea and any pictures to

Rosebuds sounds great and Id love to get involved, but I have a son. Do I need to get a babysitter for him in order to participate?

While the Rosebud program was created to foster relationships with girls, no member of Alpha Gamma Delta should feel like she cannot participate just because she was blessed with a son.

I don't have any children or grandchildren. Is it okay if I still participate?

Absolutely! All members of Alpha Gamma Delta are encouraged to get involved in this program—collegians and alumnae alike. Young women need to have great mentors and role models.

I have a friend with a daughter who is not a member of an National Panhellenic Conference group. Can I invite both of them to attend a Rosebud event?

Yes! Rosebuds is a great way to introduce a non-member friend to the benefits of Alpha Gamma Delta membership. It is also a great way to recruit excellent alumnae initiates.

We only had a few people attend our first Rosebuds event. Does this mean it was a flop and we should quit?

No. Any time there is a gathering of any number of Alpha Gams it is worthwhile. All new programs need time to grow. Be sure to include information about what the Rosebuds program is in your group's correspondence (emails, newsletters, social media, etc.) regarding your Rosebuds activities.