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Junior Circle

Who starts a Junior Circle?

A Junior Circle can be started anywhere in the United States and Canada by any sister! There is no limit to the number of members a Junior Circle may have, and no set minimum.Younger alumnae members are also encouraged to join the local alumnae chapter or club, but membership and participation in one is not required for the other.

Junior Circle is designed to be fun and easy, requiring very little time or energy to make it work. Of course, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it! All that is involved in starting a Junior Circle is getting a list of alumnae in the area from your Fraternity Program Specialist, making contacts with those sisters and setting up an event. Once you have had an official first event, contact your Fraternity Program Specialist, who will then designate the area your group serves and will add your Junior Circle group to the website for other sisters to contact.

Junior Circle Fraternity Program Specialists:

Other Junior Circle forms and resources may be found on myAlphaGam.

How does a Junior Circle function?

The members of each group determine the direction, events and focus of the Junior Circle for that area. Events can be every month, quarterly or whenever the group decides. Many Junior Circles combine a calendar of programs and social activities; others focus mainly on philanthropic events, while still others meet totally on a social basis. If there is a sponsoring Alumnae Club or Chapter, the Junior Circle complements it. There is no competition between the two types of groups, as sisters may be members of both, or only one if they choose. A Junior Circle can only help strengthen a local alumnae group, while the local alumnae group can strengthen the Junior Circle. Getting alumnae involved at any level is a plus!