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Pay Your Alumnae Dues!

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My name is Haley Mowdy, and today I am paying my Alumnae Dues. I hope you will join me, but first, let me tell you why you should. My story is a little different—Alpha Gamma Delta not only changed my life for the better, it changed my mother's. I proudly honor my mother with my $40 payment and know I am impacting my Alpha Gam sisters and my Fraternity.

My mother, Ashlie Meek Mowdy, didn't get the opportunity to join a sorority when she was in college, but she always encouraged me to go through recruitment. Even though I was skeptical of what the experience could give to me, I wanted to make her happy. I went through recruitment and promised to try it out. On the second day of the recruitment, I fell in love with Alpha Gam and decided that perhaps sorority life was for me. I took the leap and joined.

My mother was so involved from day one. In time, Alpha Gam became a huge part of her life, too. I saw an incredible opportunity to bring my mother and I even closer together though the Alumna Initiate process. She was initiated during Convention 2014 and has since held a position within our local alumnae chapter, and has flourished. The shared secrets and connected sense of Purpose has
taken our relationship as mother and daughter to places I could never have imagined.

She's my best friend and my Sister-Daughter, and I can't say enough how thankful we are to share Alpha Gam together!

My mother, Ashlie and I challenge each of you to pay your 2016-2017 Alumnae Dues today, too, in honor of your special Alpha Gamma Delta friend! If you are among the first to pay, you will receive two ΑΓΔ exclusive prints—one for you and one to share with your best sister-friend! 

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From my mother and I, thank you for your support of the Alumnae Dues program!


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P.S. Want to tell us all about your best sister-friend? Please email with your "because of Alpha Gam" story, and we might feature you in future communications!

Alumnae Dues are not tax-deductible.

Contact Tracy Turner at International Headquarters at or 317.663.4200 with questions about paying your Alumnae Dues.