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Pay Your Alumnae Dues!

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Over the years, I've served in countless roles for the Fraternity, from advising Beta Xi Chapter with recruitment to navigating the Greek world as the International Vice President-Panhellenic Affairs. Currently, I am a National Panhellenic Conference Delegate for Alpha Gamma Delta. Though you may not know me personally, I think we probably have a lot in common. For one thing, I bet we share a great love for Alpha Gam. I hope that membership in our Fraternity has brought you the same kind of joy and priceless memories that it has me. Alpha Gamma Delta has given me so much more than I could have ever imagined on that special Initiation day. And that's why I like to give back, with my time, my talents and my resources. I know the Fraternity is always working toward greater and greater things, and my Alumnae Dues contribution helps make those projects possible. It's a small contribution, but like they say, a little bit does go a long way. Let's make giving to the Alumnae Dues program something else we have in common. Together, we can ensure that Alpha Gamma Delta continues to grow and inspire women across the continent. I can't think of a better way to express our thanks!  

Your Alumnae Dues payment supports many Fraternity initiatives, from collegiate chapter development and extension opportunities to volunteer training and alumnae programming. By combining your contribution with that of 80,000 alumnae sisters, the Alumnae Dues program will help support: 
  • The Learning Center, a new online learning management system which will help train volunteers, provide alumnae with online programming and welcome alumnae initiates to the Fraternity. 
  • Extension and recolonization opportunities, including the recolonization of Delta Alpha-University of Southern California, Delta Epsilon-University of California, Los Angeles and Delta Eta-San Diego State University. 
  • International Convention 2014 in Indianapolis, Indiana. 
Your $40 or greater voluntary contribution makes a true impact, providing the Fraternity with the sustainability to extend our reach and the means to exceed our Purpose!

How to Pay Your Alumnae Dues

There are two convenient ways to pay your Alumnae Dues:

Pay Your Dues Online! (This is a secure method of payment.)

Mail a $40 check to:
Alpha Gamma Delta Fraternity
8710 N. Meridian Street
Indianapolis, IN 46260


Contact Karen Brockmyre at International Headquarters at or 317-663-4200 with questions about paying your Alumnae Dues.