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Kim Thomadsen Kleber's Story

A Gift to Advance Women in Math and Science

Arriving at the University of Michigan, Kim Thomadsen Kleber, Alpha Beta, was always interested in math and science and had a strong desire to study Chemistry.

"During that first semester, I watched my fellow pre-med roommate fall apart after her first Chemistry exam, and I began wondering if medical school was the right path for me, along with the many years of tuition it required. After a series of coincidences altered my path, I found myself studying Physics rather than Chemistry."

By this time Kim had pledged Alpha Gam. Her sister-mother was an Industrial & Operations engineering major and had spent time talking with Kim about engineering. "With her encouragement as well as other sisters, I applied and was accepted to the College of Engineering that winter. I still remember being told, 'You don't look like an engineer' - a bias/compliment based on all engineers being 'nerdy,' and women (then and now) representing less than 10% of engineering students."

Kim quickly learned that the training received while studying engineering opens doors for women to pursue numerous career paths. This brought her to the realization that encouragement and support of women to pursue math and science was critical.

Due to her love for engineering and success in the field, Kim made a commitment to affect change by endowing an engineering-focused scholarship with the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation through a gift in her will.

"I did this as my part in advancing women in math and science and because Alpha Gamma Delta is special to me," she says. "You can do the same. Listen to your inner voice. Change your mind. Ask questions. Listen. Lead. Appreciate. Join me in giving back to Alpha Gamma Delta to affect change, live your passion, and support our future generations of sisters."

Did you know you can endow a general or specific area of study scholarship through your estate plan, like Kim? Contact Julie Waitman Cretin at 317.663.4242 to find out more.

Making an Impact

  • I give to the Foundation because I am especially proud of the work they do in assisting sisters in a time of need and for supporting diabetic patients.
    Patsy Smith Davis

    Epsilon Delta-University of Texas at Austin

    I give to the Foundation because I am especially proud of the work they do in assisting sisters in a time of need and for supporting diabetic patients.

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