Alpha Gamma Delta


Strategic Plan

The three strategic areas of focus in the Strategic Plan remain: Fraternity Management, the Member Experience and Membership Growth and Development. Volunteers and committees have completed action steps and much work has been accomplished.

Fraternity Management

Alpha Gamma Delta volunteers and staff will work together for effective operations and hold each other accountable for the Fraternity's growth and development. We will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Fraternity management and implement a leadership training and development program that produces the best Fraternity leadership possible.
Additionally, by improving financial management and increasing revenue, Alpha Gamma Delta will be financially sound and fiscally responsible without jeopordizing the quality of services to chapters and membership.

The Member Experience

Alpha Gamma Delta will provide each collegiate member with the opportunity to have an excellent collegiate fraternal experience by living the Purpose. Each collegiate member will have the opportunity to experience a sense of belonging and joyful sisterhood which will promote an active lifetime membership. This will be accomplished by providing resources to help every chapter have an effective and functioning advisor team and developing assessment tools and innovative funding solutions to ensure that every collegiate chapter with facilities has competitive accommodations. Through these efforts, Alpha Gamma Delta will provide a relevant collegiate experience for members at every stage of their collegiate life.

Membership Growth and Development

Alpha Gamma Delta will grow by strategically recruiting and retaining quality members. The Fraternity will increase membership through the establishment of realistic, chapter-specific membership recruitment goals/plans of action for all chapters. Also, new recruitment resources will be implemented that are competitive and effective and that support the four National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) styles of recruitment.

It is also our goal to increase alumnae involvement in Alpha Gamma Delta beyond collegiate years by further marketing volunteer
involvement with collegiate chapters and active membership in alumnae chapters, clubs and Junior Circles.

Alpha Gamma Delta will develop new programs that will improve awareness/image of Alpha Gamma Delta and provide opportunities for local community involvement by alumnae and collegiate chapters. To meet this goal, the Fraternity will develop and market a Fraternity-wide project directed toward diabetes awareness and education with a focus on healthy living.

By aggressively and strategically pursuing extension opportunities, Alpha Gamma Delta will increase the number of active collegiate chapters.