Alpha Gamma Delta


From the Archives

Back on a May evening in 1904, eleven young women pledged their faith, loyalty and dedication to an organization that they called Alpha Gamma Delta. Today, more than one hundred years later, the Fraternity is a living, breathing entity composed of the memories, experiences and stories of more than 160,000 Alpha Gamma Delta sisters.

The Fraternity is proud to offer our members an unparalleled look into the history of the Alpha Gamma Delta with the creation of five separate documentary-style videos. Tracing the story and historic highlights of our treasured sisterhood, these videos are available for purchase as a specially packaged set on one DVD for $25. From gifts to sisters to video presentations during recruitment, the potential uses for these professionally produced pieces are endless.

Contact International Headquarters at 317-663-4200 to order your copy today or view the videos below!

Included on the DVD are the following chapters:

Archives, Alpha women in grass1. A Look Back: The Early Days of Alpha Gamma Delta
Eleven young women made history on May 30, 1904 when they officially founded Alpha Gamma Delta Fraternity. The early days of the Fraternity were filled with not only hard work and major decisions, but with inspiration and determination as well.

Archives, Four Women 1970s
2. Years of Progress
Traveling the course of time since 1904, Alpha Gamma Delta has seen astounding growth in size and scope, while also moving along with changes in the society and world as a whole.

Archives, Quarterly, January 1930
3. The Alpha Gamma Delta Quarterly: Telling our Story Published continuously since it was approved at the 1909 Convention, the Quarterly has long been a source of history, current events, sisterhood and above all, pride for Fraternity members.

Archives,1964 Group Shot
4. The Tradition of Convention
Ever since the Fraternity's first gathering in 1907, International Convention has been, and remains, the hallmark fraternity event, a time when sisters from across the globe gather to celebrate our accomplishments, our growth and our sisterhood.

Archives, Alpha Gamma Delta Camp, Campsign
5. Contributing to the World's Work: Alpha Gamma Delta Philanthropy
Alpha Gamma Delta holds a deep commitment to helping people and organizations in need and has long been a leader in service and philanthropy, touching the lives of countless individuals over more than 100 years.

Contact International Headquarters at 317-663-4200 to order your copy today!