Alpha Gamma Delta


Alpha Gamma Delta Welcomes New Members at St. Joseph’s College in New York

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                 Contact: Stephannie Sack Bailey
March 6, 2012                                  Executive Director

The Fraternity is proud to announce that two new colonies were established at St. Joseph's College in New York in late February.

St. Joseph's College has two campuses—Brooklyn and Long Island. When installed, two separate collegiate chapters of Alpha Gamma Delta will be added to our chapter roll. Both campuses have an energetic, dedicated group of local women who are interested in assimilating into an international organization.

Led by the Fraternity's extension team and staff, Alpha Gamma Delta hosted an informational session and conducted personal interviews (infoviews) with interested women. The women in each interest group were directed to a custom website for each St. Joseph's colony——where they could learn more about the organization and sign up for infoviews. On Monday, February 27, a New Member Ceremony was conducted at each campus, welcoming the women into their new member period with Alpha Gamma Delta.

Focusing on the Fraternity's brand message, Live with Purpose, Alpha Gamma Delta used a values-based selection criterion that aligned with the Alpha Gamma Delta Purpose to ensure that the values of all new members paralleled the values and mission of the Fraternity.

Founded in 1904 at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York, Alpha Gamma Delta is a leading women's fraternity dedicated to excellence in education and leadership. One of the first fraternities to establish a philanthropy, Alpha Gamma Delta internationally supports diabetes awareness and education. Guided by our values, ideals and traditions, Alpha Gamma Delta is purposefully revolutionizing the membership experience with a leading-edge member education program, a unique partnership with The Leadership Institute-Women with Purpose and an emphasis on alumnae cultivation and training. Collectively, Alpha Gamma Deltas are inspiring one another to Live with Purpose.